Towards a Post-Extractive Culture: a gathering of souls dreaming and building post-extractive cultures - 23, 24, 25 Feb 2023

Towards a Post-Extractive Culture: a gathering of souls dreaming and building post-extractive cultures - 23, 24, 25 Feb 2023

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About this event

Towards a Post-Extractive Culture is an experimental event that explores new approaches and alternatives that will help us to escape the extractivist ‘trap’ of the modern, colonial, heteropatriarchal, capitalist paradigm. A three-day gathering (two days held at the Stedelijk Museum and the third at OT301) featuring workshops, thinking-feeling storms, assemblies, and ritual performances.

We welcome you to create disobedient futures with us through a process centered on care and love!



On this first day, we sit in ceremony and in deep listening to Indigenous stories. We will explore the intersections between territorial struggles, environmental racism, colonialism and the different forms that the extractive cultures affect life broadly.

Day one is for building new structures of knowledge around cosmologies drawn from indigenous ancestral practices and relationships with the territory.


10 am – Opening Ceremony by Olivia Biswane

11.15 am – Opening Words

11.30 am – Indigenous Knowledge Center with Simyuru Tjaaroeme and Leander Vermaning, Aweroekana Cultura & Wasjikwa

1 pm – Break

2.15 pm – From extraction to cooperation: learning from forests and rivers with indigenous artists to build post-extractive futures. Workshop by Felipe Milanez, Um Outro Céu (Another Sky)

4.15 pm – Ausangate: a gaseous cosmology. Performance by Disobedient Futures, Teresa Borasino in collaboration with Ibelisse Guardia Ferraguti

5 pm – Closing Ritual by Dizzi Geetha


The pathways to a decolonial, post-extractive and just world will come from the grassroots, territorial struggles, and those most affected by extractive industries.

On this second day, we will walk through some of these pathways and weave different relationships with water, land and memory. We will learn to tell stories that interrupt harmful modern/colonial habits of seeing, feeling and being.


10.15 am – Opening Ritual

10.30 am Feeling with a Living Earth. A workshop by Weaving Realities

10.30 am – Beautiful Resistance: A Creative way to build peace within by Abdelfattah Abusrour, Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society

11.30 am Storytelling for post-extractivist futures. Workshop By Sarah Amsler

1 pm – Break

2.15 pm Automated Slut. Performance by Arhanghela, Giuvlipen

3 pm – Three parallel sessions: Common Reed (Phragmites) by Alejandra Ortiz de Zevallos Rodrigo, entre—ríos Speaking Rivers by Talking Wings Visual Translations by Colectivo Moriviví

5 pm – Closing Ritual


Please note that this day is held at OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

We center listening to those facing intersecting oppressions, and those who live in deep attunement with the needs and cycles of the Earth.

On this third day, we will learn from three struggles for the defence of ancestral territories in Abya Yala. We will also engage in a mutual learning process with the Question of Funding to prefigure an alternative economic model that materializes existing trust circles within specific communities in Palestine and the Netherlands.


11 am Opening Ritual

11.30 am The Question of Funding Workshop by Yazan Khalili, The Question of Funding

11.30 am To be a leader in Colombia Workshop by Here we Draw the Line

14.30 “Inhabiting collective learning spaces from ancestral memory” A conversation with Suumil Collective

14.30 Walking Umunukunu Kwarte Umuke

Presentation by Pluriversity Collective

15.45 Assembly: Building post-extractive cultures

(online and offline)