Assembly #7 - 28/04/2023

Table of Contents

Assembly #7 - 28/04/2023

Date and time

  • Date: 28/04/2023
  • Time: 1pm GMT
  • Duration: 2 hours


  • Check-in and sharing
  • Physical Assembly in Kenya planning, ideas and involvement from members
  • GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives Assembly members' updates and potential support/involvement from GTA
  • Upcoming events
    • Open Dialogue between Weavers
  • Other secondary topics
    • Suggestions for new endorsers if any
    • Expanding GTA Assembly Facilitation Team
    • Updates of other actions of GTA (reports, periodicals, mapping, etc).


  • Note: to be able to switch the audio interpretation channel:
    • In Chrome: go to chrome://flags/, in your URL bar, and enable “Experimental Web Platform features”
    • In Firefox: go to about:config, in your URL bar, and enable “media.track.enabled”


  • Facilitator: Donnie Maclurcan
  • Interpreters (es ↔ en): Bruno Pita and Victoria Heras