PeDAGoG meeting- 7th Feb 2023

  • It has been difficult to bring together more and more people to participate and attend meetings regularly. It is understandable since most of us are engaged with multiple initiatives.
  • We will be continuing with the proposed webinars the following year. If there are any suggestions, please do share!
  • The PeDAGoG space is crucial as it provides an avenue to critically look at what pedagogies and learning is (from a non-academic stance as well).
  • A proposal to curate a core team, where specific members who are interested would meet regularly to discuss the course of action. If anyone is interested, please write to me.
  • Another idea floated by was to formalize the group and maybe source for funding, if required. Although, activities need to be consistent with a few people ready to hold the space and commit.
  • Restart work on the ethics statement for PeDAGoG. Volunteers or contributors could send out a mail to me and a separate meeting will be organized for the same. Angging had prepared a note last year (attached below). Please refer and share views, if any.
  • We could activate the current PeDAGoG page on GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives website. Any volunteers for this process?
  • It may be useful for old and new members on the list to have a look at our past resources: List of all members with their bios for cross-collaboration. Feel free to update it with your information!